Call for Speakers  - until may 6, 2020 Submit lectures

Would you like to be a speaker at one of our conferences? Then submit your presentations in due time during the Call for Speakers for the respective conference. Whether it’s a 60-minute session, an intensive full-day workshop or a DevSession – prove to us that you are the right speaker for our conference with your abstract of 500 to 1800 characters.
Contribute your knowledge to the event and submit one or more presentations to our CfS platform Sessionize.

Further information and the advantages of being a speaker at Web Developer Conference can be found in our general Speaker Notes.


Call for Speakers


Themetracks of the Web Developer Conference


• Applications at Enterprise Level (Localization, Component Composition, Configurable UIs)
• Server Side Rendering (Angular Universal, Static Site Generation)
• State Management (Architecture & Libraries)
• User Experience (Animations, a11y, Theming strategies)
• Higher-Order-Components with Ivy
• Toolchain (Schematics, Builder-API, Bazel)
• Continuous Integration & Continuous Deployment Best Practices
• Performance Analysis

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• ASP .NET Core
• Node.js
• NestJS
• Cloud
• Azure
• Microservices
• Distribution Systems

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• JavaScript
• TypeScript
• UX
• Progressive Web Apps
• Vue.js
• Ionic
• NativeScript
• Flutter
• Webpack
• RxJS
• Blazor

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• Architecture
• React UI
• React Perfomance
• React Hooks
• React Native
• Suspense
• Context
• Firebase
• Error Handling
• GraphQL

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Best Practices

• Code quality (Structuring applications, code analysis, testing, ...)
• Deployment (Docker, Kubernetes, static site generators, hosting, ...)
• Build (Webpack, Babel, CI/CD, GitHub Actions, ...)
• Accessibility (ARIA, WCAG, ...)
• Multi-language support (internationalization, localization, ...)
• Security (TLS, XSS, CSRF, OWASP, OpenID Connect, OAuth 2.0, ...)
• Transport layer (HTTP/2, HTTP/3, web sockets, Fetch API, Streams API, ...)
• Other (Team work, open-source, licensing, legal stuff, ...)

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our formats


Date: 12. October 2020
Duration: One day, 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.
Breaks: lunch break, coffee breaks
Number of participants: maximum 25
Contents: Intensive learning and practice of new technologies
Method: mixture of substance mediation and trying out the substance yourself

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Date: 14. October 2020
Duration: Approx. one hour
Breaks: None
Number of participants: Unlimited
Contents: Overview or very specific topic in depth
Method: Frontal teaching

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Date: 13. + 15. October 2020
Duration: Around four hours, 9.00 to 13.00 hours
Breaks: A coffee break
Number of participants: maximum 30
Contents: Intensive introduction to a topic
Method: frontal teaching with interaction with the participants

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